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    Fight to Keep Up Blog

    Have a one month more dabbled at Blogger the world, rain or shine that useful one can take benefit. There is thing which make I opsesion, which is after I cek Page Rank at Alexa, apparently Page Rank....... 17.000.000 that meaning I shall more be ardour to keep up blog.

    For initiating writes at blog really needs struggle, and apparently it results, from the beginning I bethink if write at blog that just a only even write, apparently don't... I shall arise that thinking to write one posting. If I analyze thread in initiating make blog as it (more or less it) :

    • Register before at blogger.com
    • Make one posting before and suiting with Its intent what for, get business, for article, or blog with posting half and half (as have me... He.. He.. one that essential for shared information)
    • Looking for template suitably (2 coloum, 3 coloum, etc. which gets bearing with columned, he... he... he...)
    • Featuring widget according to our wish (widget archives, blog's tag, new posting, site is blog's meter, advertisings etcetera that get bearing with grace one blog)
    • Looking for reference about code HTML to edit something that is editted can ask for Google help
    • List to go to search Engine let blog we knew by search Engine
    • For blog's appearance pulls, posting as much as possible with intention and to the effect that good
    • Studying to make page rank our on course the best one can at cek at Alexa, and another one
    • banner's tide if you come on at one Internet business program at positioning one are easily to be seen.
    • Get goodwill / visit goes to sites / blog neighbour and another one.
    Sometimes during bad feeling to write and keeps up blog appearance on me, and I have solution for that which is visit Website another one over there I there are many get discourse to keep up blog. Really really that is passed on bloger passes posting "Really easy makes Blog but nurses it really needs struggle". There is one again solution it which is conjoined with comunity whatever available for example MyBlogLog and another one.

    Regards knows all for this posting's reader in particular and to already visits to blog, I pass on gratitude (as make letter only he... he... he...), Hopefully utilitarian and Peace Greeting.

    *Posting diatas merupakan hasil translate dari Posting Digital Baca tentang "Perjuanganku"


    1. I really interest by your blog and I will visit your blog again if you have new article

      ok..god luck...

    2. secepatnya aku follow up blognya di updatet follower blogku ya?txs kunjunganya,kawan

    3. Hello,

      Nice blog.

      This is Priya from SezWho here. I am writing to know your feedback and/or suggestions regarding the SezWho plug-in and how we can make SezWho a better experience for the users.

      Your feedback is important to us.

      Look forward to your response.

      Happy blogging!!


    4. Thanks for following my Nether Region II, I like your blog, it appears interesting, but with the majority in your language (Indonesian), it is difficult to follow.


    5. Alexa is a very important benchmark to determine the rankings and traffic of sites. Google is placed at the 2nd position as per Alexa rankings and traffic rankings and is facing tough competition from Live.com and of course Yahoo.


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