Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.7

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.7Description : for Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.7 is the world's most popular download manager and accelerator with over 230 million installs worldwide. DAP accelerates your download speed so you can get all your favorite files, applications, and videos in the highest speeds. DAP features powerful file management tools letting you download with confidence and flexibility and manage your files. DAP is easy to use, working automatically with your web browser so you can keep downloading as you always have just way way faster. With DAP 9.7 you can really take your download experience to the next level.

Cool addons such as a downloader for YouTube, facebook and other video sites with just one click of a button, and at super fast speed, the revolutionary iTunes download acceleration that seamlessly uses SPEEDbit patented acceleration engine to dramatically cut down your waiting time when downloading from the iTunes store and the award winning video streaming acceleration engine that automatically kicks in when you watch videos from video streaming sites and make the annoying buffering stops and picture freezes go away, especially when watching HD videos.

DAP 9.6 supports all the latest browsers including Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 10, and Firefox 4. Downloading is safer as well thanks to innovative download security powered by SpeedBit's Multi Antivirus (MAV) Analysis that lets you compare what the leading Antivirus programs have to say about the file you have just downloaded, before running it on your machine and exposing it to a great risk.

DAP is now available in 42 languages, with translations provided by our loyal users from all over the world contributing to the SpeedBit Translation Wiki Project so that everyone around the world can enjoy SPEEDbit super fast speeds.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.7, Don't miss the download speed you need :
  • Get the fastest possible download experience
  • Supporting the latest browser updates (IE9, Firefox8, Chrome15, Opera11)
  • Customized to 42 different languages
  • Optimized for HTTPS downloads
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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.7Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.7


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